• July 31 2022

    Series: Exodus

    Speaker: Ryan Visconti

    Why does God allow some people to struggle and others seem to have success handed to them? We don’t know why… but we do know that favor isn’t fair –…

  • July 24 2022

    Series: Exodus

    Speaker: Aaron Burke

    Are you waiting on God for a miracle? For a job, a marriage, healing, maybe a child? When we’re in a season of waiting it can be hard to trust…

  • July 17 2022

    Series: Exodus

    Speaker: Ryan Visconti

    Today we kick off our series of Exodus! In chapter 1, Ps Ryan begins to explore the realities of the Jewish people in slavery in Egypt. We learn about the…

  • July 10 2022

    Speaker: Ryan Visconti

    With beyond exciting news of the overturning of Roe VS Wade, Christians have responded in many different ways. Many with celebration, many with frustration and maybe most in silence. But…

  • July 3 2022

    Speaker: Jeff Peterson

    Does God address nations, as wholes, or is God only concerned with the people of a nation? Pastor Jeff Peterson helps us explore how God views nations in the Bible.…

  • June 26 2022

    Pastor Eric Van Shoonhoven reminds us that we all have a story to tell. Your Testimony is the our most powerful tool to sharing the Gospel! Here are the questions…

  • June 19 2022

    Speaker: James MacDonald

    Christians can have varying levels of strength. Have you ever wondered how to be a stronger christian? Fortunately, we can grow in strength and learn how to endure hardships when…

  • June 12 2022

    Speaker: James MacDonald

    In times we are feeling desperate and in deep need, we can misunderstand God when we don’t get what we want or how we want it. It’s important to understand…

  • June 5 2022

    Speaker: Nate Clarke

    Guest speaker, Pastor Nate Clarke, shares with the Generation family, The Test of a Disciple. We KNOW God allows the enemy to tempt and test us. Fortunately, we get to…