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Speaker: James MacDonald

  • December 19 2022

    Series: Advent

    Speaker: James MacDonald

    Many of us will go through seasons when we feel forgotten. It will happen when righteousness goes unregarded, faithfulness goes unrewarded, and time goes unrelenting. You can’t help but feel…

  • November 28 2022

    Speaker: James MacDonald

    Gratitude is the attitude that sets the altitude for living. Only a fraction of the human population ever truly thank God. There is much to complain about, but the reality…

  • June 19 2022

    Speaker: James MacDonald

    Christians can have varying levels of strength. Have you ever wondered how to be a stronger christian? Fortunately, we can grow in strength and learn how to endure hardships when…

  • June 12 2022

    Speaker: James MacDonald

    In times we are feeling desperate and in deep need, we can misunderstand God when we don’t get what we want or how we want it. It’s important to understand…

  • April 10 2022

    Speaker: James MacDonald

    When we think of Jesus, it’s easy to remember His miracles, His life, and the events in the Bible that make us feel happy. Pastor James MacDonald reminds us of…