James: Wise Words From Grandpa Jim

1. Words Are Powerful

Pastor Ryan Visconti continues the series “James” as he talks about the power of the tongue/words. How they can build up or bring down and how difficult it is to tame the tongue. Our words reveal our heart, and determine the fruitfulness of our lives. Are you double tongued?

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2. My Trials Are Training Me

Pastor Ryan Visconti kicks off a new series based on the book of James as he talks about how God gives us a SAGE attitude to have joy in the middle of our trials. And how He grows us through a strengthening process.

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3. Talk Less, Listen More

Pastor Ryan Visconti continues the series "James". As he shows us how we can apply the verse James 1:19-22 in our lives; where we learn how we should talk less and listen more, become angry rarely and righteously, and that forgiven people should be FORGIVING people.

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4. Don’t Buy The Lie

Guest speaker Pastor Mark Kresge continues the series “James” as he talks about the dangers of temptation and how it should not be taken lightly. We have areas in our lives that we intentionally chosen to take steps outside of the will of God to meet a desire in our life and sin leads to brokenness. But God has promised a way of escape to all who trust in Him.

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5. Dead Faith

Pastor Ryan Visconti continues the series "James" as he talks about faith and works. All religions tell us how to work and achieve salvation, but Christianity tells us how Jesus DID the work to give us salvation through faith. What kind of faith do you have?

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