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In Partnership With Southeastern University

Generation Leadership College (GLC) is a 2-year program that includes an affordable, optional degree program through Southeastern University (SEU).

As a GLC student, you’ll be immersed in the culture of Generation Church and gain hands-on ministry experience—while also having the option to work toward an associate or bachelor’s degree.

What Is Generation Leadership College?

GLC equips you as a leader while giving you the option to enroll in SEU, an accredited private university, and work toward an Associate of Arts (AA) or an Associate of Ministerial Leadership (AML) degree through SEU.

On one side of the program is the formal educational component led by SEU.

The other side of the program is the GLC leadership experience led by Generation Church staff and the GLC team.

This allows students to get immersed in the culture of Generation Church and gain hands-on ministry experience.

Why Choose Generation Leadership College?

At GLC, you’ll receive individualized attention and personalized development from GLC leaders and Generation Church pastors and staff.

As a GLC student, you’ll:

  • Develop personally and professionally
  • Gain world-class leadership knowledge and experience
  • Learn cutting-edge skills in an area you’re passionate about
  • Stay close to home, be a part of your church, and attend college at the same time

Plus, you’ll have the chance to learn directly from Lead Pastor Ryan Visconti regularly. Students will grow in loving Jesus with their whole hearts while supporting the vision of Generation Church.

Most GLC students are between the ages of 18-29.

Tailored Options for the
Education You Want

Whether you dream of going into the marketplace or serving in church ministry—or if you are simply seeking to better understand and apply the Bible—Generation Church’s partnership with SEU offers you multiple options.

GLC Leadership Experience

Customize your program as a degree-seeking or reduced-rate, nondegree-seeking student.

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SEU Biblical Studies Series

Deepen your understanding of the Bible in three 8-week, college-level classes.

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For Ministry or the Marketplace

GLC isn’t just for people wanting to go into ministry.

If you plan to go into the marketplace, you’ll benefit from the leadership development opportunities offered at GLC.

You can work toward an associate degree or take general core credits that can be transferred to another university or college.

Pursue your passion and grow your faith as you build your professional skills.

GLC Educational Tracks

Your coursework at GLC will expose you to a wide variety of ministries and leadership opportunities.

In addition, GLC offers the following tracks so you can specialize in a specific area of ministry.

Youth and Young Adults

  • Teaching Youth & Young Adults
  • Programming & Production 
  • Event Planning & Execution
  • Leading Small Group Teams


  • Teaching, Drama, & Worship
  • Programming Development
  • Event Planning & Execution
  • Optional Preschool Emphasis

Creative Arts

  • Music & Worship Team Leadership
  • Production & Tech
  • Skills & Team Development

Media & Design

  • Graphic Design
  • Studio Production (Video & Photo)
  • Social Media
  • Online Campus


  • Church Systems
  • Ministry & Business Organization
  • How to Lead in a Supporting Role

General Leadership

  • Exposure to Various Leadership Settings

If you’re seeking an SEU degree, you may also have access to additional ministry-specific offerings to complement your hands-on training at GLC.

GLC Application Deadlines

2024 Fall Semester

Starting Date: August 7th, 2024
Application Deadline: July 24th, 2024

2025 Spring Semester

Starting Date: January 8th, 2025
Application Deadline: December 9th, 2024

GLC Costs and Tuition Models

GLC Leadership Experience, SEU Degree Program

Annual cost of tuition, technology, and site fees: $9880 Tuition listed is based on 15 credits per semester. Some degree-seeking students may be eligible to receive financial aid. Additionally, GLC activities count as practicum credit for SEU degree-seeking students. These students will receive a scholarship that covers the cost of practicum credits.

GLC Leadership Experience only (not enrolling in SEU)

Discover Model

Annual cost: $675

The Discover Model is ideal for students working full-time and needing a cost-efficient approach to GLC. Students will gain experience and develop as a leader while engaging your passion for God’s work.

Engage Model

Annual cost: $975

Through the Engage Model, students receive focused mentorship from staff, additional life skills training, and firsthand experience in select leadership meetings.

Protege Model

Annual cost: $975

After year one, students may apply to enter this model for more full-time ministry opportunities allowing them to take on greater responsibilities, attend high-level meetings, and receive more mentoring.

Generation Church does not offer paid internships. But the GLC program is designed for students to work a job while in school.

EAP (Education Assistance Program)

THE EDUCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM is designed to invest in emerging, Team GC leaders and reward their commitment to their church family by offering tuition reimbursement for ministry degree programs at Bible colleges like Southeastern University at Generation Church and Grand Canyon University. If you are one of these emerging leaders at our church, this is an investment in YOU while you invest in the kingdom of God. These funds are given to leaders helping us advance the kingdom and accelerate our mission in specific areas.

Approved EAP Positions May Be Eligible For:

  • Tuition Reimbursement in the pursuit of a ministry degree up to $4500 per year for full-time students, up to $2000 for part-time students to an approved Bible college; OR yearly paid attendance to a leadership conference to be approved by your staff leader.
  • One-on-one leadership coaching.
  • An opportunity to prove your leadership skills, gain valuable experience, and build your resume.

Unpaid Positions Offering EAP Credit At This Time:

  • Youth Coordinator (Fountain Hills)
  • gKids Coordinator (Fountain Hills)
  • Little G’s Large Group Coordinator (Mesa)

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